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  Standard band grades and qualities 
Lee Rubber Products provides bands in four standard grades.  Below you'll find a list of these along with the qualities inherent to each.  We can supply these in a wide range of sizes in bulk quantities (click here for more size/quantity details).

Ultimate Quality

  • Translucent amber color
  • Highest count per pound.
  • Highest tensile strength.
  • Softest stretch available.
  • Highest rubber content.
  • Exceeds Federal Specification AA-131-A. 

Premium Quality
  • High count per pound.
  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Soft stretch for easy application.
  • A wide range of available sizes.
  • Best for custom-designed applications.
  • Long life...great for reuse.
  • Available in synthetic.
  • Meets Federal Specification AA-131-A. 

Standard Quality
  • Available in crepe, red or green colors
  • Excellent count per pound.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Mid-range rubber content.
  • Good for industrial applications. 

Economy Quality
  • Available in crepe or blue colors
  • Economical alternative.
  • Heavier band with firm stretch.
  • Good count per pound.
  • Good tensile strength. 

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