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Miscellaneous bands 

Sometimes what is a rubber band might not even seem like a rubber band.  For instance, the examples at right show how bands are often incorporated into clothing and similar armbands, sleeves, (1) shower caps, respirator masks, (2) eye protection devices, sweat pants, (3) glove cuffs, disposable medical items and many other articles.  Lee Rubber Products has experience with a wide range of applications for rubber bands...lots of them a bit off the beaten path.  Contact us and tell us about your needs.  We'll do everything in our power to help you solve your problems.
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Lee Rubber Products also supplies Brites® Bands:

#16 Blue |  #18 Orange |  #19 Yellow |  #32 Lime  |  #33 Purple  |  #64 Pink

We can manufacture bands to meet your custom size and color requirements/needs.  Bands can also be imprinted with product identification or other message.  Contact us for a quote.

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