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A factory-direct discounter for all types of rubber bands.
For more than 50 years, rubber bands have been our business... in fact, rubber bands and banding products are Lee Rubber Products' ONLY business. 

From the smallest, most common stationery band sizes to super-large rubber bands to secure pallet loads, we can supply your requirement.  And unique-application bands are also a specialty...latex-free bands, EPDM bands, imprinted bands, bands with UV inhibitors, and many others.

We're rubber band experts, helping you identify the absolute best match for your need, supporting you with incomparable customer service, dependable delivery schedules and great pricing.  Explore our website, and let us know how we can meet your banding needs.

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Lee Rubber products is a factory-direct discounter for all types of rubber bands.  Rubber bands can be as fundamental as standard or stationery crepe bands, or they can be quite sophisticated.  Many applications for rubber bands require precise characteristics.  Rubber band selection criteria  will almost always include band width, length and thickness.  Other important considerations for bands can include rubber content or latex-free compounds.  For instance, uses in medical applications or when the bands will be in prolonged skin contact might require latex free rubber bands.  Other special rubber band applications might require UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors for exposure to sunlight or carbon compounds for static dissipative uses.  In all cases, Lee Rubber Products serves as your dependable choice for rubber bands and other banding products.  For more than fifty years, Lee Rubber Products has focused on supplying just the right rubber bands at the best prices.  Lee Rubber has an experienced staff that can match the right band to the end use.  Our product line includes large rubber bands for use on pallets or furniture.  An important market for Lee Rubber Products is rubber bands for securing trash can liners to the trash containers.  Rubber bands are available for ceramic molds and similar mold applications.  Imprinted rubber bands in an array of colors for novelty items, special promotions and other uses can be supplied with your company logo or message.  UV rubber bands can provide much longer life than standard bands when exposed to sunlight.  Skin contact latex free bands are available, and these are also appropriate for medical disposable items. 

For all your rubber bands and specialty banding products including Cable Wrapz®, Lee Rubber Products is a sound  choice.  Our company prides itself on solving tough problems and getting you exactly the bands you need at very competitive prices.  Lee Rubber Products has low minimum purchase requirements, and accepts Visa and Mastercard.